Final Fantasy 14 Strategy Guide - Great Strategies That Will Help You To Easily Master FF XIV

Looking for a quick Final Fantasy 14 strategy guide to help you with leveling? A lot of people have been learning that leveling is actually quite strategic, and using a few tips you can substantially decrease the time it takes to power level through the game. Here are a couple of tips you can take with you today, so let's get into it.
Finding a Good Spot to Level Up Will Help
When you're about to begin leveling you should find an area that isn't overrun with other players. Also, you should try and find quest hubs which give you a lot of quests for related areas. This will make sure that you can rapidly accept and complete quests and move on to the next ones without wasting too much time in between. Finally, a good questing spot should have a dense amount of animals and mobs that you need for quests - or other stuff for leveling such as grinding.
Focus on One Area at A Time
The biggest mistake I've seen from people who haven't used a Final Fantasy 14 strategy guide is that they accept quests from all over at once, and try to do them in the order that they see them. This is terrible for your leveling because you really don't want to be running around turning in quests in other parts of the world until it's absolutely necessary. To avoid this just accept quests from one area, then knock them all out, and then move on to the next area. You'll save a substantial amount of time by taking this approach, trust me.
Use A Leveling Guide to Help
Some games, and most games, including Final Fantasy XIV, have leveling guides that you can use. If you haven't seen them already I suggest you get one and try it out, because I think you'll really benefit from having step by step directions for each quest. Either way, you'll figure it out
Using A Step by Step Final Fantasy 14 Strategy Guide To Learn The Best Strategies For Dominating The Game
It's highly recommended that if you want to learn the best strategies for dominating the game, that you use a step by step guide created by pro players that will help you to easily start becoming a pro player too.

Final Fantasy 14 Marauder Guide - Power Leveling Methods For A Marauder

Are you just starting out Final Fantasy XIV and you need a good Marauder leveling guide to help you get started? Here are a few tips to help you and some general mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. Let's get into it and find out how you can skip the hard stuff and level fast.
Find A Good Spot to Level Quickly
One of the harder things to do in this game, especially when everybody is around your level, is to find a good spot that you can level up in. If you don't find a good spot then you're probably going to be finding a lot of resistance and you'll have to keep on running around looking for mobs since they are all on a re-spawn timer. Waiting for mobs to re-spawn, or even items to re-spawn, will severely cut down on your experience per hour. For this you should always try to find a spot that has very few people and a lot of mobs in a dense area.
Skip Hard Quests to Speed Up Your Rate
Another mistake that a lot of people make is they blindly do every quest that they see in their log. They don't read the details before they start it, and you can definitely skip a lot of the more complicated and frustrating quests if you did do that first. The reason being is that some of the quests will send you far away to distant areas, where you could have just not done that particular one and focus on quests around where you currently are. Also, some of them will make you collect some rare items and kill some extremely tough mobs, and those should be skipped or at least pushed back until you're already in the area to do them.
Using The Marauder's Abilities to Your Advantage
A good Marauder leveling guide should have this section, and I want to go over how you can use the abilities to your advantage. Marauders are definitely more of a warrior-like class, and you want to be in on the action. That means if you have a choice, you should avoid fighting mobs that use range to their advantage. Fight mobs that like to fight hand to hand so that you don't have to run up to them as they burn you down. If you do fight a lot of ranged mobs then you will find that you die a lot more and have to take much more breaks to keep up with leveling (Since they shoot you as you run up to them, etc.)
Using A Step by Step Marauder Leveling Guide To Power Level Your Character
It's highly recommended that if you want to literally power level your marauder, that you use a step by step leveling guide.

Final Fantasy 14 Gladiator Guide - Power Leveling Methods For A Gladiator

If you're just starting out in Final Fantasy 14 and you need a quick little Gladiator leveling guide to help you get started then here are a few tips which you can take with you to the game. I hope this helps and it should give you a head start since the game just came out.
Using Questing to Level Quickly
As I'm sure you're aware, the game is based on questing so that you can get a lot of experience to level up through the ages. Doing the right quests is all about finding the right spots to level and sticking to the right zones. When you first start out you can choose whatever city you want to start with, and it's really key to stay in the area that you began in.
Focus in One Area At A Time
The first thing that some people do is run around between every single zone looking for quests to pick up. While this is good, and even understandable that you are really excited, I think it's much better if you stay put and stay in one quest area at a time.
Stay in the same quest hub that you began with and do all the quests that are within a reasonable vicinity. If you try to run around too much you'll end up wasting time, and I think that you will level much faster if you knocked out one hub at a time. If you are intent on finding different areas then maybe you can dedicate an hour or two to discovering, then get down to the power leveling.
Using the Gladiator's Abilities to Your Leveling Advantage
The Gladiator, in this game and most, is a class that likes to be very close to their opponents. If you try and fight too many mobs that have a lot of range on you then you will really be burned down quickly. This will stop your leveling really fast because you'll always have to pause and replenish your health before continuing.
Using A Step by Step Leveling Guide To Power Level Your Gladiator
It's highly recommended that if you want to level up your gladiator on the fastest way, that you use a step by step leveling guide which tells you exactly where to go and what quests you should accept.

Final Fantasy 14 Leatherworker Guide - Power Leveling Methods For A Leatherworker

Are you starting out in Final Fantasy 14 and looking for the best Leatherworker leveling guide to use? Here are a few tips that you can use to help you get to the max level in Final Fantasy XIV.
Find A Good Place to Start Questing
The fastest way to begin leveling is to find a great spot to begin your questing. Usually you begin in one of the starter cities, so you should probably figure out which one you're most comfortable with. Once you've done that you can find an area that has a lot of mobs and very few players. The reason that you want a few players rather than a lot of them around you is because you will run into problems if there are too many. They'll be killing the same mobs as you and really run them down, which will waste your time as you wait for them to re-spawn.
Avoid Tough Quests That Kill Your Time
Another really bad mistake that people make is they do all the hard quests just as they would do normal quests. In fact, you should skip the tough quests and only focus on the easy ones. The reason here is that you will get the same amount of experience in return, but it will take a few times the normal amount. For this you should only do the easy quests. So what does a hard quest make you do? Some make you run to other parts of the world, and they also make you collect extremely rare items, etc.
Quest in Bulk & Don't Accept Too Many
As you're questing in one area you should accept all the quests in that "hub" or "mini area," and then knock them out. After that just move on to the next area, then the next, etc. You can find a detailed guide in each area which will definitely help you to keep up your questing.
Using A Step by Step Guide To Power Level Your Leatherworker
It's highly recommended that if you don't want to level up slowly, but quickly that you use a step by step guide that will help you to power level to level 50.
Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: FFXIV Leatherworker Guide []
Check out this Leatherworker leveling guide and you can begin in a couple of minutes. Power leveling comes really easily and quickly once you have a few step by step directions as to which quests you should do, etc, so I think it'll really help.

Final Fantasy 14 Gil Guide - The Best Gil Making Methods

If you're starting out and want to get a quick Final Fantasy 14 Gil guide to help you make some Gil then I'm going to show you a few tips that you can take with you today to the game and help you out. Let's get going and find out the easiest way for you to get Gil while you power level throughout the game.
Balancing Leveling & Gil Gathering To Help You In The End
I think the main goal for anybody in Final Fantasy XIV is having enough Gil at the end of their leveling to buy things that they need. If you end up getting a ton of Gil but you aren't maximum level them it really wasn't worth it, and the other way is true too - but to a lesser extent. If you're max level then it's much easier to start collecting Gil, and I'll go into one main way that you can gather a ton of Gil in the game.
Questing Gives You Gil - Do All of Them
You can sell things that you collect from quests, and the quests themselves give you some Gil that you can use and gather up. You should refrain from buying useless things, or things that will only be useful for a limited time, so that you can allow it to stockpile and not go away into the drain.
Take Up Crafting, Especially In Later Game
When you become a disciple of the hand you can easily turn the resources found in the world into useful items and objects that you can send and sell to other people. This is a really, really good way to make Gil, but it may not be as good as gathering. Whichever you choose, though, you can easily make a ton of Gil and this is probably the best tip I can provide you in this Final Fantasy 14 Gil guide. People are willing to pay for almost everything, so being at the root of the items and objects in the game is a sure way to have a good money intake. Just make sure that you're gathering and/or making things that people always need.
Using A Step by Step Guide To Earn Lots of Gil On The Fastest And Easiest Way
It's highly recommended that if you want to earn lots of gil on an easy and fast way, that you use a step by step guide.
Why don't you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: FFXIV Gil Guide []
Download this Final Fantasy 14 Gil guide and you should be rich really soon. There's some really awesome techniques, and they show you how to play the game as an opportunist and just bank in on some items and resources that people really need right now.

Final Fantasy 14 Conjurer Guide - Power Leveling Methods For A Conjurer

Are you beginning to level up a character in Final Fantasy 14? If you are starting out and need a quick Conjurer leveling guide to help you begin power leveling then this article is just for you. Let's get into it and find a few tips that can really give you some more experience per hour, which is the general rate at which you're leveling.
Start in a Good Spot
A lot of people try different cities to see which they like and then end up in a weird situation where they have quests from multiple places and don't really focus down. This is the biggest problem that I'm aware of because it just slows you way down. Instead of doing this you should pick one place, stick to it, and then see it through. Finding a good spot is also about finding an area with few people and a lot of mobs. You want a ton of creatures around you so that no time is wasted as you can move from mob to move and get experience.
Don't Over Accept Quests
This is another issue which slows people down a ton. Instead of accepting quests above your level, and trying to kill mobs that are way above our level, you should focus on mobs and creatures that are around the same as you. If you're level 40, don't try and defeat something level 42. Sure, you can do it, but it will take much longer than killing something that is level 38 - and the experience is going to be roughly the same. Always doing quests when they're a bit lower than you is key because you can do them so quickly that it's an easy way to power level.
Use Your Range to Power Level
Any Conjurer leveling guide should have this part in it, and that's using your advantages for your benefit. Since you're a conjurer you can attack from range, so you should attack mobs primarily that don't have ranged attacks that they can use back at you. This will help you because they might barely touch you since you'll defeat them by the time they reach you.
Using A Step by Step Conjurer Guide To Quickly Level Up And To Earn Lots Of Gil
It's highly recommended that if you want to power level your conjurer, and if you want to earn lots of gil with your character also, that you use a step by step guide.
Why don't you take a look at this guide? Visit: FFXIV Conjurer Guide []
Check out this Conjurer leveling guide and you can begin power leveling now. I think you'll go really fast since they have a ton of step by step quests and they tell you which ones you should skip altogether. You can also learn how to use your class effectively as they have guides for every single one.

Final Fantasy 14 Blacksmith Guide - Power Leveling Methods For A Blacksmith

Are you beginning to level up in Final Fantasy 14 and you need a quick Blacksmith leveling guide to help you out? Here are a few tips that you can take with you today to begin and I hope that it'll give you a bit of an edge in your adventure to level 50. Let's get into it and find out how you can boost up your character so you can enjoy the game at maximum level.
Quest & Level Up Blacksmithing After
I know that you probably want to level up your Blacksmith and use the skills to give you experience - after all - that's the new feature in this game. However, I think that the fastest way for you to power level is still to do the quests in a traditional manner and then level up Blacksmithing after. You can still do everything the same, just focus more on quests and less on your profession. In fact, you can still do Blacksmithing on the way whenever you have time and you can attempt to balance the two to make sure that you don't miss out too much on experience you could have otherwise been making.
Use Blacksmithing to Boost Your Experience
If you are questing then you can easily use Blacksmithing to boost your experience as you do the quests. While you're in an area you can see if you can use your blacksmithing for anything close by which will give you additional experience. It gives you a good amount as you begin to level it up so take it seriously and I think it'll help you a ton. Also, it will give you money since you can do services for other people and sell items that others can't get unless they're also blacksmiths.
Skip The Hard Quests to Help You Level Faster
You should skip the really annoying quests which make you run around and do useless things. For instance, if a quest sends you to the other continent or makes you gather rare items then you should skip it. Do them after if you want the lore effect, but for now skip it.
Using A Step by Step Blacksmith Leveling Guide To Literally Start Power Leveling
If you are playing a blacksmith in Final Fantasy 14, and if you want to power level your character then you should definitely get yourself a step by step leveling guide which contains leveling paths, color pointed maps and which will tell you exactly where to go and what quests to accept.
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